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Ruth BROWN - Platinum Collection 2007

Ruth BROWN - Platinum Collection 2007


Ruth Brown was Atlantic Records' first consistent hitmaker and the biggest female star of the label's first decade, and while she didn't cross over to the pop audience the way some of her peers at Atlantic would do in time, "Miss Rhythm" cut enough great sides during her tenure with the label to keep any party respectably rockin' all night long. Brown's installment in Warner Platinum's Platinum Collection series contains more surprises for novices than most of the titles in this line, primarily because Brown's failure to go pop means one rarely hears her on the radio these days. But if you're looking for early R&B stuff that rocks with a solid swing, Brown's your gal, and there isn't anything approaching a dud in the 21 songs on this disc. Brown's voice walked a fine middle ground between sweetness and grit, and she wasn't afraid to let her considerable vocal sex appeal take the center stage. Add plenty of great songs (including material from Rudy Toombs, Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller, and a few from Ahmet Ertegun under his nom de plume of "Nugetre") and some seriously wailing session bands and you get just under an hour of top shelf R&B. While serious admirers are advised to search out Rhino's excellent two-disc set Miss Rhythm: Greatest Hits and More, if you're looking for a good single-disc introduction to one of the greatest stars of jump blues and first-era R&B, this will fill the bill and then some.
By Mark Deming, All Music Guide.
2007 digitally remastered anthology of the late great Soul singer who became known early in her recording career as 'Miss Rhythm'.   Brown was one of the earliest artists to record for the Atlantic Records label.   She dominated the R&B charts between 1949 and 1955, placing records for 149 weeks in that period, scoring 5 chart toppers among 16 songs in the Top 10. She was the label's most popular act in these years and her success was primarily responsible for building the label into the powerhouse it became.   Among the highlights on this set are 'Teardrops From My Eyes', 'I'll Wait For You', 'I Know', 'So Long', 'Oh, What A Dream' and many more.
01. Teardrops From My Eyes
02. (Mama) He Treats Your Daughter Mean
03. I'll Wait For You
04. I Know
05. Shine On (Bright Moon Shine On)
06. 5-10-15 Hours
07. Daddy Daddy
08. Wild Wild Young Men
09. Mend Your Ways
10. Oh, What A Dream
11. Mambo Baby
12. I Can See Everybody's Baby
13. As Long As I'm Moving
14. It's Love Baby (24 Hours Of The Day)
15. Love Has Joined Us Together
16. I Want To Do More
17. Sweet Baby Of Mine
18. Lucky Lips
19. This Little Girl's Gone Rockin'
20. I Don't Know
21. So Long

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