Thursday, December 31, 2009

Etta JAMES, Albert COLLINS, Joe WALSH - Jump the Blues Away 1989

Etta JAMES, Albert COLLINS, Joe WALSH - Jump the Blues Away 1989


Nothing if not eclectic, the Jazzvisions series veers completely away from jazz on its blues installment. The idiom is blues-rock, the headliner is the once and future Eagles star Joe Walsh, and his co-partners are electric bluesman Albert Collins and the indestructible singer Etta James. Within that idiom, though, this is a strong program captained by experts in the arts of blues licks and working the crowd. Collins is terse and stinging on guitar, full of bent-note soul; James is right in her element, laying on the double entendres, whipping up the audience in her experienced manner; and Walsh, aside from the inevitable "Rocky Mountain Way," does well in the blues guitar idiom, even giving a tip of the cap to Collins, "Thanks for all the licks!" The backup band roars in the traditional journeyman electric blues-rock form, with strong piano and organ work and pumping drums. At its best, especially when Collins and James are on, this concert at the indoor Wiltern Theatre has much of the celebratory flavor of a jumping outdoor blues festival. Available on LP, CD, cassette, laserdisc and VHS video.
By Richard S. Ginell, All Music Guide.
01. Intro  :47
02. Walk Away  3:47
03. Goin' Down  5:35
04. Moon Is Full  6:47
05. Sweet Little Angel  5:51
06. Rock Me Baby  4:42
07. If Trouble Was Money  8:59
08. Baby, What You Want Me to Do?  4:52
09. Blues Don't Care  6:37
10. Rocky Mountain Way  6:37

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