Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Albert COLLINS - Frostbite 1980

Albert COLLINS - Frostbite 1980
AL 4719


FROSTBITE gives Collins fans more of what they've come to expect--raw, rootsy blues and unparalleled guitar playing. Collins's approach to the blues guitar is distinctive, and he alternates between high, singing leads and echoey, low-end motifs, manipulating space and drawing his phrases out with unusual rhythmic variation. His tone, too, is unique; it is heavy, dark, and somewhat cool (which gave rise to his "Iceman" moniker). All of these characteristics are on full display throughout FROSTBITE.

Collins surrounds himself with an outstanding backing band of drums, bass, keys, and horns (here featuring three saxophones, a trumpet, and a trombone). The ensemble (the horns, in particular) fills out the funky bounce of "I Got a Problem" and the insistent boogie of "Don't Go Reaching Across My Plate." Collins stretches out on every track, peeling off brilliant leads left and right. On "Snowed In," a down-tempo blues about being caught in a winter storm, Collins uses his guitar to replicate starting up a car's stalled engine. Here, as always,
there seems to be little Collins can't manage on six strings...
Albert Collins- Guitar and Vocals
Marvin Jackson- Guitar
A.C. Reed- Sax
Allen Batts- Keyboards
Johnny "B. Goode" Gayden- Bass
Casey Jones- Drums
Paul Howard- Trumpet
Jerry Wilson- Tenor Sax
Bill MacFarland- Trombone
Henri Ford- Baritone Sax
A1. If You Love Me Like You Say 4:07
A2. Blue Monday Hangover 5:35
A3. I Got A Problem 4:34
A4. The Highway Is Like A Woman 5:04
B1. Brick 4:35
B2. Don't Go Reaching Across My Plate 3:44
B3. Give Me My Blues 4:13
B4. Snowed In 9:12

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