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Don CHERRY - Live At Café Montmartre (Vol I,II,III) 1966

Don CHERRY - Live At Café Montmartre (Vol I,II,III) 1966
ESP 4032


Recording quality is great for a broadcast, although I seem to be getting a lot more Gato through the speakers than Cherry during ensemble blowing passages. Either way, the quintet has its collective ears on each other, and they proceed to kick a whole lot of ass. Extra points for the nervous wreck version of the hymn/march bit from Symphony for Improvisors.
"Don Cherry, more than any other artist in the jazz of his era, pioneered the music's internationalist nature that has now come to be commonly accepted as an integral part of its character. The individuality of Cherry's contribution to the history of jazz has often been unfairly obscured by his admittedly important association with the music of Ornette Coleman. While the (pocket) trumpeter's position as Coleman's front line partner in the altoist's first revolutionary quartet was indeed a major one, Cherry's role as one of the founders of the genre that is known today as `world music' is equally significant."
Best known for his work alongside avant-garde pioneer Ornette Coleman, Don Cherry also led a solo career that fused the revolutionary aspects of free jazz with a deep interest in the music of Africa, Asia, and other cultures. LIVE AT CAFÉ MONTMARTRE 1966 is a testament to the trumpeter's diverse, boundary-pushing aesthetic. These five tracks find Cherry and his quintet working largely in a modal framework, building simple phrases into complex rhythmic entities that unfurl with the help of wild improvisation and frenetic energy. The music bears a resemblance to the music Cherry made with Coleman in the early '60s, yet maintains Cherry's unique international influence, giving it a flavorful edge.
From CD Universe.
Don Cherry- Pocket Trumpet;
Gato Barbieri- Tenor Sax;
Karl Berger- Vibraphone;
Bo Stief- Bass;
Aldo Romano- Drums.
Vol I
01. Intro 0:36
02. Cocktail Piece 13:11
03. Neopolitan Suite: Dios E Diablo 7:26
04. Complete Communion 13:20
05. Free Improvisation: Music Now 10:46
06. Cocktail Piece (End) 2:28
Vol II
01. Intro Don Cherry 0:21
02. Oafeu Negro Don Cherry 10:38
03. Suite for Albert Ayler Don Cherry 11:11
04. Spring is Here Don Cherry 8:46
05. Remembrance Don Cherry 9:25
06. Elephantasy (Incomplete) Don Cherry 2:40
07. Complete Communion Don Cherry 22:29
01. Complete Communion 26:13
02. Remembrance 24:45
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