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The Dave BRUBECK Quartet feat. Paul Desmond - Portland OR, April 1959

The Dave BRUBECK Quartet feat. Paul Desmond - Portland OR, April 1959
Portland, OR (USA)
April 1959
All Credits Go To *UBU*


This wonderful stereo broadcast recording was made just a couple of months before the group went into Columbia Records 30th Street Studios in New York City to record Time Out and has exactly none of the tracks that would make up that second most famous of jazz albums (I’d say that Miles Davis’s Kind of Blue is top of the heap—and oh yeah, we’ll be going there, to the Davis group of the late ‘50s for sure). Instead you get some wonderful standards (Time Out was all-original, very unusual for the time) with an opening tune that to my ears foreshadows some of the lines in “Take Five” and an unusual closing drum solo. This is a great recording and a perfect introduction to the other, slightly cooler side of jazz from the hard-core bebop that so often defines the term.
Continuing the drummer theme, here's a great show featuring Joe Morello! The drum solo ending this partial concert recording is quite amazing!
Brubeck may not be everyone's cup of tea, but there's always Paul Desmond to listen to, one of the few original alto players in modern jazz that has a sound and conception quite unlike Charlie Parker and all his followers (of course Lee Konitz comes to mind, and Charlie Mariano as well - both of them still alive and kicking!)
Paul Desmond- Alto Sax
Dave Brubeck- Piano
Gene Wright- Bass
Joe Morello- Drums
01. Two Part Contention (13:15)
02. The Lonesome Road (8:17)
03. Take the A-Train (1517)
04. When the Saints Go Marching In (7:22)
05. I'm In a Dancing Mood  Pause Announcement DB (3:47)
06. Someday My Prince Will Come (10:09)
07. Drum improvsation (11:00)

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