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Sahib SHIHAB - Conversations 1963

Sahib SHIHAB - Conversations 1963


An outstanding underrated multi-reed player-composer. Like Tina Brooks, he was a huge talent with great technique and knowledge who didn't get the recognition he deserved even now, 15 years after his death.
This is his best album (hard to find, admittedly) next to his Savoy 1957 albums. The Montmartre location gives the group a very good resonance and Orsted-Pederson bass gives the music the fourth dimension. Sahib means friend in Arabic and you can hear the friendly way the group plays under his guide.
Shihab played with Art Blakey, Dizzy Gillespie and Thelonious Monk and influenced a jazz generation but there isn't much recordings he made as a leader. So I would dare say this album is a very rare gem.
By David E.
Because he spent so much of his career living in Europe, Sahib Shihab is primarily known for being a baritonist in the bop era. As this very interesting CD shows, he was also quite original on the alto, soprano and flute and by the early 1960's was open to the influence of the avant-garde without losing his own musical personality. Shihab, who is teamed on this live Copenhagen session with flugelhornist Allan Botchinsky, guitarist Ole Molin, drummer Alex Riel and the 17-year old bassist Niels Henning Orsted Pedersen, performs "Someday My Prince Will Come," "Charade" and a lengthy version of "Billy Boy" along with five originals including the three-part "Conversations." This surprising music is well worth several listens and shows that Shihab was a much more diverse player than is usually thought.
By Scott Yanow, All Music Guide. 
Sahib Shihab- Alto, baritone, soprano saxophones, flute
Allan Botchinsky- Flugelhorn
Ole Molin- Guitar
Niels Henning Øersted Pedersen- Bass
Axel Riel- Drums
Bjarne Rostvold- Snare drum on Charade
01. Forty-Seventy Blues  12:06 
02. Not Yet  10:41
03. Not Yet  10:41  
04. Conversations, Pt. 1  10:40 
05. Conversations, Pt. 2  3:21 
06. Conversations, Pt. 3  9:14 
07. Charade  7:24 
08. Someday My Prince Will Come  6:35

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