Friday, December 25, 2009

Ike TURNER & The Kings Of Rhythm - Here And Now 2001

Ike TURNER & The Kings Of Rhythm - Here And Now 2001


This is Ike Turners long awaited release that is reminiscent of some of his early stuff with Howlin' Wolf. On this gem of a blues CD Ike plays both guitar and piano while singing. "Rocket 88" was originally released in 1951 and now finds its way home as the tenth track on this eleven song collection.

You can sometimes catch Ike playing at the Sparta Blues Festival. He's got a star on the St. Louis Walk of Fame and is an inductee of the Rock Hall of Fame.
By Cornbread.
The language of the blues is available to everyone, and probably more to the guy who helped invent rock & roll with 1951's "Rocket 88" than to most people--though Tina's ex-husband might have thought twice before including quite so many lyrics on his comeback album about how women keep leaving him and he doesn't understand why. Even so, the whammy bar on Turner's Stratocaster has lost none of its sting. He bangs on the piano like a man a quarter his age, too, and when he manages to dodge the curse of modern electro-percussion, Here and Now has the drive and verve of the records he made half a century ago. Turner even reaches back for remakes of "Rocket 88" and a few other jump-blues faves, like Albert Ammons's arrangement of "Swanee River Boogie."
By Douglas Wolk.
01. Tore Up
02. Baby's Got It
03. You Can't Winnum All
04. Ike's Theme
05. Catfish Blues
06. Gave You What You Wanted
07. Nuddin'
08. Swanee River Boogie
09. Feelin' Low Down
10. Rocket 88
11. Cold Day In Hell

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