Thursday, December 24, 2009

Mississippi Fred McDOWELL - Delta Blues 1964

Mississippi Fred McDOWELL - Delta Blues 1964
Recorded at McDowell's home in Como, Mississippi in 1964, and in Holy Springs,
Mississippi and Berkeley, California in 1965.

Mississippi Fred McDowell, who died on July 3, 1972, was one of the last of the original delta blues artists. He is noted for his bottle-neck guitar work, which is well represented here, as are two field recordings with his mentor, the elusive Eli Green (the only recorded representations of his work). Mississippi Fred McDowell is perhaps best known from songs covered by Bonnie Raitt and the Rolling Stones (who performed "You Gotta Move" on STICKY FINGERS, the original version of which is included in this compilation).
Recorded in New York during February and July of 1966, the 17 songs on this collection represent Mississippi John Hurt's final studio efforts. It is astonishing that this man, in the final months of his life, could do 17 songs that were the equal of anything he had done at his first sessions 45 years earlier, his playing (supported on some tracks with producer Patrick Sky on second guitar) as alluringly complex as ever and his voice still in top form. Hurt is brilliant throughout, his voice overpowering in its mixture of warmth, gentleness, and power, and in addition to the expected crop of standards and originals, he covers songs by Bukka White (Poor Boy, Long Ways from Home) and Leadbelly (Goodnight Irene) -- all of it is worthwhile, with some tracks, such as Let the Mermaids Flirt with Me especially haunting.

Mississippi Fred McDowell- (Vocals, Bottle-Neck Guitar);
Rev. Elijah Green.- (Vocals, Guitar);
Annie McDowell- (Vocals).
A1. Write Me a Few Lines  
A2. Louise  
A3. I Heard Somebody Call  
A4. 61 Highway  
A5. Mama Don't Allow Me  
A6. Kokomo Blues  
B1. Fred's Worried Life Blues  
B2. You Gonna Be Sorry  
B3. Shake 'Em on Down  
B4. My Trouble Blues  
B5. Black Minnie  
B6. That's Alright  
B7. When I Lay My Burden Down

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