Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Benny CARTER with Ben WEBSTERr & Barney BIGARD - BBB & Co 1962

Benny CARTER with Ben WEBSTERr & Barney BIGARD - BBB & Co 1962
Recorded in Englewood Cliffs (New Jersey) on April 10, 1962


One of Benny Carter's last jazz recordings before he became totally immersed in writing for the studios, this set matches his alto and trumpet with tenor great Ben Webster, clarinetist Barney Bigard and trumpeter Shorty Sherock on a pair of lengthy blues and Carter's "Lula" and "When Lights Are Low." All of the swing all-stars are in fine form, making one wish that they were not being so neglected by critics and fans alike during this era; Webster soon left the U.S. permanently for Europe. Although not essential, this set is fun.
By Scott Yanow, All Music Guide.
This is a great set from 1962 featuring three of the finest jazz soloists of all time: Webster (tenor), Carter (alto), and Bigard (clarinet). The tracks are bluesy: especially fine is the 12min line of "You Can't Tell the Difference [after dark]." Jazz aficianados can't go wrong with this Album; plus, it's a good introduction to cool jazz for novices. Highly recommended.
Benny Carter- Alto Sax, Trumpet
Ben Webster- Tenor Sax 
Barney Bigard- Clarinet
Shorty Sherock- Trumpet
Jimmy Rowles- Piano
Dave Barbour- Guitar
Leroy Vinnegar- Bass
Mel Lewis- Drums
A1. Opening Blues (Feather) 10:14
A2. Lula (Carter) 7:46
B3. When Lights Are Low (Carter) 4:46
B4. You Can't Tell the Difference When the Sun Goes Down Blues (Feather) 12:07


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