Friday, December 25, 2009

The Charlie DANIELS Band, The - Me And The Boys 1985

The Charlie DANIELS Band, The - Me And The Boys 1985
EPC 26700


If you ask me what Charlie Daniels Alumbs that I like it would have to be this one cause it's a great alumb and cd. But if you ask me to name my favorite song from that cd it would have to be the song talking to the moon not that the other's ain't good cause they are like the single American Farmer it deals with the plight of the farmers right here in America. But the reason i chose talking to the moon because Glenn Frey wrote it and done it. So buy the cd no matter if you love Charlie or if you like great songs.
By Rondall Banks.
Bass- Charlie Hayward
Drums, Percussion- Fred Edwards
Fiddle, Guitar, Vocals- Charlie Daniels
Guitar, Vocals- Tom Crain
Keyboards, Vocals- Taz DiGregorio
A1. Me And The Boys 4:45
A2. Still Hurtin' Me 4:10
A3. Talking To The Moon 4:43
A4. Class Of '63 4:14
A5. American Farmer 3:33
B1. M.I.A. 4:31
B2. American Rock And Roll 3:27
B3. Ever Changing Lady 3:43
B4. Louisiana Fais Dodo 3:22
B5. Drinkin' My Baby Goodbye 3:41

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