Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gonzalo RUBALCABA - Images (Live at Mt. Fuji) 1991

Gonzalo RUBALCABA - Images (Live at Mt. Fuji) 1991


The high-powered yet sensitive Cuban pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba teams up with the brilliant, strangely underrated bassist John Patitucci (who sticks to acoustic bass) and drummer Jack DeJohnette on this superior live set from the 1991 Mt. Fuji Jazz Festival. The repertoire is wide-ranging, with originals from each of the musicians, John Lennon's "Imagine," a powerhouse version of "Autumn Leaves," and "Giant Steps." A particularly strong effort from Rubalcaba, who by the early '90s had emerged as one of the top pianists in jazz.
By Scott Yanow. AMG.
As a composer and arranger of standards (mostly tangos nuevos), I got pleasurable cold shivers and goose pimples as I listened to Autumn Leaves- one of my favorite Jazz standards. Gonzalo Rubalcaba has an incredible capacity in breaking chords and an unbelievably fast brain. This CD is definitely one of my favorite Jazz records. ...and if Rubalcaba ever reads my tiny review: quisiera que sepas que sos EL MAGO DEL EBANO Y DEL AVORIO! Suerte ché! Si hubiera la posibilidad añadaría dos estrellas más en la valutación!
By Motty Levi.
Gonzalo Rubalcaba- (Piano),
John Patitucci- (Bass),
Jack DeJohnette- (Drums).
01. No Name 6:12
02. Imagine 7:23
03. Autumn Leaves 9:57
04. Peace And Quiet Time 7:58
05. Gaby 4:56
06. Joao 7:21
07. Ebony 9:08
08. Giant Steps 9:58
09. Mima 3:09

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