Friday, December 25, 2009

Sun RA - Sound of Joy 1957

Sun RA - Sound of Joy 1957
Jazz Master Serie BYG 529162
Recorded in November 1957 for Transition Records.


The late pianist/bandleader/composer Sun Ra was known for his theatrical performances and for applying concepts of free jazz to a big band/orchestral context. SOUND OF JOY was recorded in 1957, during the Ra's Chicago sojourn, and is closer to the modern swinging sounds of Duke Ellington than to free jazz. Ellington was clearly an influence on Ra, and Ra combines this with the more progressive aspects of hard bop. SOUND OF JOY is ideal for Ra neophytes and Ra fans that want to hear his beginnings.
Sun Ra- Piano, Wurlitzer Electric Piano
Art Hoyle- Trumpet
Dave Young- Trumpet
Clyde Williams- Vocals
John Avant, Julian Priester- Trombone
Pat Patrick- Alto Sax, Tenor Sax
John Gilmore- Tenor Sax
Charles Davis- Baritone Sax
Victor Sproles- Bass
William "Bugs" Cochran- Drums
Jim Herndon- Tympani, Timbales
James Herndon- Percussion
A1. El Is a Sound of Joy   3:59
A2. Overtones of China   3:22
A3. Two Tones   3:40
A4. Paradise   4:26
A5. Planet Earth   4:30
B1. Ankh   6:30
B2. Saturn   4:00
B3. Reflections in Blue   5:51
B4. El Viktor   2:30

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