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Buddy RICH - Big Swing Face 1967

Buddy RICH - Big Swing Face 1967
Recorded at United Recording and live at the Chez Club, Hollywood, California on February 22-25 and March 10, 1967
ReIssued (July 9, 1996)


Big Swing Face not only reissues the second recording by Buddy Rich & His Big Band but doubles the program with nine previously unissued performances from the same engagement at the Chez Club in Hollywood. Rich's orchestra was in its early prime, displaying a very impressive ensemble sound, charts by Bill Holman, Shorty Rogers, Bob Florence, Bill Potts and others, and such soloists as altoist Ernie Watts (a newcomer), trumpeter Bobby Shew, Jay Corre on tenor and the remarkable drummer/leader. Even with the presence of "Norwegian Wood" and "The Beat Goes On" (the latter features Rich's teenage daughter Cathe on a vocal), this is very much a swinging set. Rich has some outstanding solos and lots of drum breaks but does not hog the spotlight; he was justifiably proud of his band.
By Scott Yanow. AMG.
The original LP release of this album was nothing short of absolutely amazing. Now with the bonus tracks, any lover of Buddy Rich's drumming cannot afford to be without the CD version. Two tracks are particularly worthy of Buddy. "Love for Sale" has to have the most energetic single stroke roll in the history of jazz drumming. How he lived through that one, let alone played it, is unknown to me. Then there is "Apples (aka Gino)" which I nominate as the new "Cute." On this one, though, there are no brushes, just a hard, driving, nearly machine-like pace that's leaves the listener breathless and eager to play the track again.
"Big Swing Face" is notable for the woodwind ensemble work, smooth as silk, and there's the rebirth of "Bugle Call Rag." No, it's not very military here, just a hard, swinging tune.
A bonus is "The Beat Goes On" with Buddy's daughter Cathy Rich providing the vocal.
If you like big bands, and a drummer that really kicks the band into better, more inspired playing, you won't go wrong with this CD.
By Phil Bostian.
Buddy Rich- (Drums);
Quinn Davis- (Alto Sax);
Ernie Watts- (Alto Sax, Flute);
Jay Corre, Robert Keller- (Tenor Sax, Flute);
Marty Flax (Baritone Sax),
Bobby Shew, Yoshito Murakami, Charles Findley, John Scottile- (Trumpet);
Jim Trimble, Ron Meyers- (Trombone);
Bill Wimberly- (Bass Trombone);
Ray Starling- (Piano);
Richard Resnicoff- (Guitar);
James Gannon- (Bass).
Cathy Rich- (Vocals).
01. Norwegian Wood (This Bird Has Flown)- Buddy Rich 3:42
02. Big Swing Face (Remixed)- Buddy Band Rich 5:34
03. Monitor Theme (Remixed)- Buddy Band Rich 2:44
04. Wack Wack (Live) (Remix)- Buddy Rich 3:16
05. Love For Sale (Live) (Remix)- Buddy Rich 4:51
06. Mexicali Nose (Live)- Buddy Band Rich 2:52
07. Willowcrest (Remix)- Buddy Band Rich 4:16
08. The Beat Goes On (Live) (Remix)- The Buddy Rich Big Band 5:40
09. Bugle Call Rag (Live) (Remix)- The Buddy Rich Big Band 5:06
10. Standing Up In A Hammock- Buddy Rich 2:38
11. Chicago (Live)- Buddy Rich 2:58
12. Lament For Lester (Live)- Buddy Rich 2:33
13. Machine- Buddy Rich 3:44
14. Silver Threads Among The Blues- Buddy Rich 4:44
15. New Blues- Buddy Rich 4:40
16. Old Timey- Buddy Rich 3:28
17. Loose- Buddy Rich 4:07
18. Apples (Aka Gino) (Live)- Buddy Rich 2:43

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