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Peter GREEN with Fleetwood Mc - Live at the BBC 1995

Peter GREEN with Fleetwood Mc - Live at the BBC 1995
EDF CD 297
Recorded live between 1967 and 1971


Before they came to virtually define melodic Southern California rock in the late 1970s, Fleetwood Mac was a UK-based '60s blues-rock band, their style fueled by the electric American blues of Elmore James and Muddy Waters. Back then, the Mac's style was defined by the scorching guitar and impassioned vocals of Peter Green and the keening slide guitar of Jeremy Spencer. This three-CD set finds the band cutting loose on some of their favorite blues and early rock & roll songs, recorded live at the BBC studios between 1967 and 1971.
This album is great on a couple of levels.  One, is that close listen bears out the range of inspiration that came from Fleetwood Mac in general, and Peter Green in particular.  These guys influenced important music that would be recorded by The Beatles, Clapton, The Allman Brothers, Savoy Brown, and countless other blues based bands.  They were every bit as important to "Blues-Rock" as Zeppelin, Cream, and The Yardbirds.  They didn't achieve the fame because they chose to stay truer to the traditions of the music than their more famous counterparts.  And while that lack of flash may have cost them sales, it sure makes for some great listening.  Peter Green, Jeremy Spencer, and Danny Kirwan are outstanding.  And with the Fleetwood/McVie backbone behind them, they rarely fail to satisfy.  There are however a couple of downsides that cause me to give 4 stars rather than 5.  The most glaring to me is that while sincere and heartfelt, a little goes a long way when it comes to Jeremy Spencer's 50's tributes.  I could have done with 3 or so fewer of those in favor of some more blues.  Also, the tracks tend to be somewhat shorter than what Mac fans from this era have come to enjoy.  Fewer songs, and more solos might have been better, but in all fairness, the restrictions of live radio may have contributed to that situation.  These however are small complaints in the much larger picture of great British Blues by a band that needs to be appreciated more.
Peter Green- (Vocals, Guitar);
Jeremy Spencer- (Vocals, Slide Guitar, Guitar);
Danny Kirwan- (Vocals, Guitar);
John McVie- (Bass);
Mick Fleetwood- (Drums).
Additional personnel:
Nick Pickett, Christine Perfect, Eddie Boyd.

Cd 1
01. Rattlesnake Shake   7:38
02. Sandy Mary   5:00
03. Believe My Time Ain't Long   3:00
04. Although the Sun Is Shining   2:31
05. Only You   2:51
06. You Never Know What You're Missing   2:52
07. Oh Well   2:26
08. Can't Believe You Wanna Leave   3:25
09. Jenny Lee   2:19
10. Heavenly   2:37
11. When Will I Be Loved   2:13
12. When I See My Baby   2:11
13. Buddy's Song   2:09
14. Honey Hush   3:08
15. Preachin'   3:05
16. Jumping at Shadows   2:36
17. Preachin' Blues   1:59
18. Need Your Love So Bad   3:48

Cd 2
01. Long Grey Mare   2:53
02. Sweet Home Chicago   3:10
03. Baby Please Set a Date   2:59
04. Blues With a Feeling   2:56
05. Stop Messing Around   2:17
06. Tallahassee Lassie   3:24
07. Hang on to a Dream   2:56
08. Linda   2:03
09. Mean Mistreatin' Mama   4:03
10. World Keeps Turning   2:39
11. I Can't Hold Out   2:27
12. Early Morning Come   2:29
13. Albatross   2:48
14. Looking for Somebody   2:40
15. A Fool No More   3:40
16. Got to Move   2:57
17. Like Crying Like Dying   2:33
18. Man of the World   2:49
1 2

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