Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Memphis SLIM & Canned HEAT - Memphis Heat 1971

Memphis SLIM,Canned HEAT - Memphis Heat 1971
1974 Lp Issue


His Canned Heat sessions have been both praised and panned over the years, a state of affairs that often revealed more about the reviewers than the music itself. A fair assessment should take into account the blues and rock scene of the early '70s, the pianist's artistic intentions as he capped a long and eventful career, and perhaps most importantly the positive effect that this music is likely to have upon any listener who loves a good jumpin' electric blues band.
By arwulf arwulf, All Music Guide.
A1. Back to Mother Earth   3:13
A2. Trouble Everwhere I Go   3:46
A3. Black Cat Cross My Trail   3:03
A4. Mr Longfingers   6:57
A5. Five Long Years   5:58
B1. When I Were Young   2:40
B2. You Dont Know My Mind   6:28
B3. Boogie Duo   3:00
B4. Whizzle Wham   1:47
B5. Paris   2:12