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Oscar PETERSON Trio - Tristeza On Piano 1970

Oscar PETERSON Trio - Tristeza On Piano 1970
MPS 15275


This is a fabulous album by Oscar Peterson at the very height of his powers. Recorded in 1970 or 1971 by Hans Georg Brunner-Schwer (who did 'Tracks' the same year), with Sam Brown on Bass and Bobby Durham on Drums.

The first track 'Tristeza' is really scary. Taken at a frightening tempo Oscar just wastes the keyboard. You might expect this as that is what Oscar Peterson does! However track 2 is demonstration of one of his other talents. 'Nightingale' is one of his own compositions (the only one on this album) and its another excellent track. The remaining tracks are all standards of one form or another, with perhaps my favourite being 'down here on the ground'. This is a slower tempo soulful tune, which contains one of Oscar's trademark rolling crescendos (as on Hymn to Freedom). Oh boy is this man good on the Piano!

This album is from an era when Peterson only made really good albums, and whilst this perhaps isn't as essential as 'Tracks', 'The Trio' or 'La Salle Pleyel'
By S.J.Buck.
Oscar Peterson- (Piano);
Sam Jones- (Bass);
Bobby Durham- (Drums).
A1. Tristeza   3:13
A2. Nightingale   6:42
A3. Porgy   6:12
A4. Triste   5:21
B1. You Stepped Out of a Dream   3:31
B2. Watch What Happens   6:10
B3. Down Here on the Ground   8:46
B4. Fly Me to the Moon   4:38

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