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Danny GATTON - 88 Elmira Street 1990

Danny GATTON - 88 Elmira Street 1990


This album is nothing short of a complete celebration of the electric guitar. Danny Gatton (1945-1994) was part fierce monster and part teddy bear. His playing style suggests bits of Dick Dale, bits of Chet Atkins, and traces of everything in ...    Full Descriptionbetween. During up-tempo numbers, Gatton could rip the roof off. His ballads and quiet moments never failed to draw tears. 88 ELMIRA ST. marked his debut on a major label after a handful of small-label releases.

The half-dozen originals among 88 ELMIRA ST's eleven tracks are more than simple vehicles for Gatton's soloing. He is ably backed by his regular quartet, and each number shows sharp character and a sense of style. Gatton's rapid-fire runs on such pieces as "Funky Mama" are balanced by the subtler pleasures of his version of The Beach Boys' "In My Room." Sadly, Gatton was even more troubled than Brian Wilson, and the guitarist took his own life four years after the release of this album.
From CD Universe.
Danny Gatton- Guitars
Bill Holloman- Sax, Trumpet, Clarinet, Trombone, Hammond B3, Vibes, Piano, Yamaha DX7, Roland D50
Shannon Ford- Drums, Percussion, Hand-D-Gas
John Previti- Upright and Electric Basses
Tommy Lepson- Hammond B3 on "Quiet Village"
01. Funky Mama
02. Elmira St. Boogie
03. Blues Newburgh
04. Quiet Village
05. Red Label
06. In My Room
07. Simpsons, The
08. Mutha Ship
09. Pretty Blue
10. Fandingus
11. Slidin' Home

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