Saturday, December 26, 2009

Eddy "Chief" CLEARWATER - Blues Hang Out 1989

Eddy "Chief" CLEARWATER - Blues Hang Out 1989


Eddy Clearwater has had a tough time shaking his "Chuck Berry imitator" label, and he includes Berry-tinged numbers at the halfway point and end of this nice, if thoroughly derivative, urban blues set recorded in 1989 for Black and Blue and recently reissued by Evidence on CD, with the familiar country boogie shuffle and tinkling licks. Clearwater could not do a set without the signature "Lay My Guitar Down," and this rendition is surging and enjoyable although inferior to the definitive one. Otherwise, it is a pile-driving and urgently performed date; Clearwater and Will Crosby swap slashing lines, crackling phrases, and answering fills. Clearwater's session contains several robust, entertaining passages, even if there is absolutely nothing you have not heard before.
By Ron Wynn.
Eddy Clearwater- (Vocals, Guitar);
Big Time Sarah- (Vocals);
Will Crosby- (gGuitar);
Herman Applewhite- (Bass),
Tim Austin- (Drums).
01. Blues Hang Out 5:13
02. I Came Up The Heard Way 7:36
03. Set It Out 3:10
04. Stormy Monday Blues 7:52
05. Boogie Woogie Baby 2:58
06. Blues For Breakfast 5:08
07. Darling I Miss You So 3:01
08. Chicago Daily Blues 6:47
09. That's My Baby 3:43
10. You Upset Me Baby 4:26
11. I Don T Know Why 5:07
12. Hound Dog 2:42 $0.89
13. Somebody Please Help Me 7:59
14. Lay My Guitar Down 2:44

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