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Anita O'DAY - At Mister Kelly's 1958

Anita O'DAY - At Mister Kelly's 1958


Recorded in her hometown of Chicago and opening with the rarely-heard verse of “But Not For Me,” this nice nightclub date is notable for containing three tunes by Joe and Eileen Albany: “I Have a Reason For Living,” “My Love For You,” and the poignant “Loneliness is a Well.” O’Day goes out of her way to introduce the composers on each of these songs, causing one to wonder exactly what kind of backroom deal she struck with the Albanys. The person who previously owned this LP wrote an exclamation point on the track listing after “The Song Is You,” but it’s actually kind of a wack closer. Still, a good live record
Caught live with just her piano trio at Chicago's famous now-defunct nightclub, Anita O'Day is in an ebullient mood as she tosses off a series of standards and novelties. Whether this is an accurate snapshot of her live act is open to question; the stage business in between numbers seems rather formal and one doesn't really feel the excitement of a live performance. Yet O'Day is clearly in a creative mood, whether allowing her vulnerability to show in the torchy ballads or reveling in the boppish uptempo workouts. Her vocal on "Tea For Two" is a virtuoso deconstruction, full of satiric quotes and rhythmic shifts at a warp-speed tempo. Fleet-fingered Joe Masters decorates the fills with standard bop runs on the slightly-out-of-tune house piano.
By Richard S. Ginell. AMG.
Joe Masters- Piano
Larry Woods- Bass
John Poole- Drums
Anita O'Day- Vocal
A1. But Not for Me  
A2. I Have a Reason for Living-My Love for You     
A3. Varsity Drag  
A4. It Never Entered My Mind  
A5. Tea for Two  
B1. Every Time I'm With You  
B2. Have You Met Miss Jones  
B3. The Wildest Gal in Town  
B4. Star Eyes  
B5. Loneliness is a Well  
B6. The Song Is You

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