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Canned HEAT - Hallelujah & Cook Book (1968-1969)

Canned HEAT - Hallelujah & Cook Book (1968-1969)
2 LPs on 1 CD: HALLELUJAH (1968)/COOK BOOK (1969).


In the mid 60's, there was an explosion of blues based bands. Paul Butterfield, John Mayall,etc. and Canned Heat. The big difference was that Canned Heat hit the top 40.

Canned Heat was started by blues collector Bob "Bear" Hite and "Blind" Al Wilson. Both had spent their youth searching out old blues 78s and foraging through the American past to collect the music that would tell who were we were and who we could be. Canned Heat both shouted Past and Future blues.

The first album had mostly blues covers but with Bob Hites commanding vocals and Henry Vestine's guitar + Al Wilson's off center vocals made it well nearly obscure. The second album, "Boogie With Canned Heat" had a top 10 hit with "On The Road Again" and they played a date almost every night from SF to Germany.

"Hallejah" is the fourth album released by the Heat. After "Boogie", they released "Living the Blues", that had another top 10 hit, " Going Up the Country", again an Al Wilson vocal. But mostly, "Living the Blues" captilized on the long jam "Fried Hockey Boogie" that was a favorite concert piece that was an FM favorite.

But! "Hallelujah" is a fine stand alone album with such Heat favorites as " Time Was", "Same All Over" and the great '60's anthem "Sic' Em Pigs". By this time, though, Canned Heat seemed to be obligated to do an extented "Boogie". Only lovers of retread will be happy with that kicked tire.
This CD`has also the first greatest hits complipation released on LP, " Cookbook". It does not have later songs like, "Work Together", etc.. but it does have the advantage of not sucking out loud like every other Canned Heat CD. + the quality is so much better that no other release compares.
By Robert S. Estes.
Though there was no specific hit on Hallelujah, this album contains Canned Heat's fully developed blues chops and a slightly newfound political edge. Of special note is "Sic 'Em Pigs," an entertaining anti-police anthem, featuring drummer Fito de la Parra, Alan Wilson, and Henry Vestine making pig noises. Canned Heat Cookbook was the first greatest-hits compilation from the band, released originally in 1970, and contains the band's three hit singles, "Goin' Up the Country," "On the Road Again," and "Let's Work Together" (the latter wasn't actually part of the original LP; it was added to this 2002 compilation by Fuel 2000).
By Al Campbell. AMG.
Bob "The Bear" Hite- (Vocals),
Al Wilson- (Guitar, Harmonica);
"Blind Owl" Wilson, Henry Vestine- (Guitar);
Larry Taylor- (Bass);
Bob Cook- (Drums).
01 Same All Over  2:53
02 Change My Ways Wilson 2:51
03 Canned Heat Hite 4:23
04 Sic 'Em Pigs White 2:41
05 I'm Her Man Leigh 2:58
06 Time Was De  3:25
07 Do Not Enter Wilson 2:54
08 Big Fat (The Fat Man) Bartholomew, Domino 2:01
09 Huautla Wolf 3:36
10 Get Off My Back Wilson 5:14
11 Down in the Gutter, But Free  5:42
12 Bullfrog Blues Cook,  2:20
13 Rollin' and Tumblin'  3:10
14 Going Up the Country  2:54
15 Amphetamine Annie  3:35
16 Time Was  3:28
17 Boogie Music Tatman III 3:05
18 On the Road Again  3:28
19 Same All Over  2:53
20 Sic 'Em Pigs  2:41
21 Fried Hockey  11:13

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