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Steve MILLER Band - Children of the Future 1968

Steve MILLER Band - Children of the Future 1968


No doubt about it, it is Steve Miller's mid-1970s music that remains the most popular & well-known, thanks to it being replayed over & over on classic rock radio stations. So naturally, it's hard to believe that before he became a purveyor of almost-perfect AM radio pop, Miller was a psychedelic blues-rocker with just as much credibility as pioneers of the form like Cream & Vanilla Fudge. Nevertheless, Miller's long road to pop music legend began with 1968's CHILDREN OF THE FUTURE.
Eric N. Andrews.
"Children Of The Future" is the most psychedelic album from Steve Miller [just look at the cover to figure that one out], who were originally call The Miller Blues Band, so it was surprising that this album had so many psychedelic effects, though Steve has enjoyed these little sound effect eggs on almost all of his records.  The strongest number is "Baby's Calling Me Home."  This song seems to be mixed entirely differently then the rest of the album, though it's smooth, and clean, with the vocals laid right up front in the fashion of traditional blues.  This is not a timeless album, you need to have been there to gather all that Steve Miller is trying to do and say, there is much that will be lost on those who are discovering it today.  But for those who were around during those heady times, or those of you who'd like to complete the time line of this amazing guitarist, or just dig deep into Steve Miller's roots of Texas Blues ... you'll treat yourself to a fine helping of down home comfort with the music found on this release.
Steve Miller- (Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica);
Boz Scaggs- (Guitar, Vocals);
Lonnie Turner- (Bass, Vocals);
Jim Peterman- (Keyboards);
Tim Davis- (Drums, Vocals).
A1. Children Of The Future 
A2. Pushed Me To It 
A3. You've Got The Power 
A4. In My First Mind 
A5. The Beauty Of Time Is That It's Snowing 

B1. Baby's Callin' Me Home 
B2. Steppin' Stone 
B3. Roll With It 
B4. Junior Saw It Happen 
B5. Fanny Mae 
B6. Key To The Highway

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