Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sarah VAUGHAN - At Mister Kelly's (Live) 1957

Sarah VAUGHAN - At Mister Kelly's (Live) 1957


I was fairly late in getting into jazz, somewhere around my sophomore year in college. I came to vocal jazz even later, probably 4 or 5 years later. My first love in this area was Betty Carter, followed closely by Billie Holiday. Sarah Vaughan I found a tough nut to crack having only heard some over-orchestrated albums that I found fairly dull. This album, however, is an entirely different story. An intimate setting with a superb trio backing her, she delivers a powerful, yet subtle performance that rivals anyone. I think the thing that I find most attractive about this set, something that was missing from my other experiences with her music, is a really great sense of pitch and a masterful playing with intonation. She does a nifty job at coming just under a pitch and either scooping up at the last second or adding vibrato at just the right moment, adding a very cool tension. This album was a revelation and I look forward to finding Sarah's other gems.
Sarah Vaughan- (Vocals);
Jimmy Jones- (Piano);
Richard Davis- (Bass);
Roy Haynes- (Drums).
A1. September in the Rain   2:45
A2. Willow Weep for Me   4:58
A3. Just One of Those Things   3:10
A4. Be Anything (But Darling Be Mine)   4:30
B1. Thou Swell   2:45
B2. Stairway to the Stars   4:40
B3. Honeysuckle Rose   3:58
B4. Just a Gigolo   3:58
B5. How High the Moon   2:45

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