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Paul BUTTERFIELD - Put It In Your Ear 1976

Paul BUTTERFIELD - Put It In Your Ear 1976


Unfortunately, everybody thinks they're some kind of reference to "what is" and "what ain't" the blues.....this isn't
a giant among Butterfield's work, but has some of his personal favorites on it as he wanted to explore genres beyond straight 1,4,5 structures. Recorded relatively late in his short existence, it's definitely worth collecting if you are a fan! Breadline would be one of the blues tunes by the way cowlick!
By Corky Beachglow.
Paul Butterfield died of heart failure in 1987.

Like most Chicago-style amplified harmonica players, Butterfield played the instrument like a horn -- a trumpet. Although he sometimes used a chromatic harmonica, Butterfield mostly played the standard Hohner Marine Band in the standard cross position. He was left-handed and held the harp in his left hand, but in the standard position with the low notes facing to the left. He tended to play single notes rather than bursts of chords. His harp playing is always intense, understated, concise, and serious.

The effect of the Butterfield Blues Band on aspiring white blues musicians was enormous and the impact of the band on live audiences was stunning. Butterfield the performer was always intense, serious, and definitive. He is one of the finest harp players (period).

Butterfield and the six members of the original Paul Butterfield Blues Band made a huge contribution to modern music, turning a whole generation of music lovers onto the blues as something other than a quaint piece of music history.
Irwin "Marky" Markowitz- Trumpet
Lloyd Michels- Trumpet
Chris Parker- Percussion, Drums
Jack Peppe- rStrings
Bernard "Pretty" Purdie- Percussion, Drums
Sonny Russo- Trombone
Julia Tillman Waters- Vocals
Wilbur Schwartz- Alto, Soprano Saxophone
Clifford Shank- Alto, Saxophone
Paul Shure- Strings
Annie Sutton- Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Melvin Tax- Saxophone
Frank West- Alto, Saxophone
Lorna Willard- Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Andrea Willis- Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Mel Tax-Baritone
Richard Kaufman- Strings
Fred Carter, Jr.Guitar
Sidney Sharp- Strings
Babe Clark- Baritone
Julia Tilman- Vocals (Background)
James Jameson- Bass (Electric)
Karen Jones- Strings
Nick Jameson- Guitar
Fred Carter- Guitar
Ben Keith- Guitar
Richard Bell- Keyboards
Meyer Bello- Strings
Evangeline Carmichael- Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Gene Cipriano- Alto, Soprano, Saxophone
Babe Clarke- Saxophone
Al DeRisi- Trumpet
Erin Dickens- Vocals
Tim Drummond- Bass
Gordon Edwards- Bass, Bass (Electric)
Jesse Ehrlich- Strings
Christine Ermacoff- Strings
Norman Forrest- Strings
Eric Gale- Guitar
Henry Glover- Keyboards, Producer
Levon Helm- Percussion, Drums
John Holbrook- Guitar, Engineer
Garth Hudson- Reeds, Keyboards
James Jamerson- Bass
Gail Kantor- Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Raphael Kramer- Strings
Steve Kroon- Drums
Bernard Kundell- Strings
Jerome Richardson- Alto, Saxophone
David Sanborn- Alto, Saxophone, Soprano
Seldon Powell- Saxophone, Sax (Tenor)
Chuck Rainey- Bass, Bass (Electric)
Paul Butterfield- Synthesizer, Harmonica, Keyboards, Vocals, Main Performer, Arp
A1. You Can Run But You Can't Hide (3:43) 
A2. (If I Never Sing) My Song (2:55) 
A3. The Animal (3:46)
A4. The Breadline (3:06)
A5. Ain't That A Lot Of Love (4:06)

B1. I Don't Wanna Go (4:31)
B2. Day To Day (3:17)
B3. Here I Go Again (3:51)
B4. The Flame (3:19)
B5. Watch'emTell A Lie (2:59)

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