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Miles DAVIS & John COLTRANE - Live in New York 1958-1959

Miles DAVIS & John COLTRANE - Live in New York 1958-1959


There are a carload of live Miles Davis night club gigs out there, most Miles never intended to record, despite entertaining playing. Let the buyer beware, in general.
I'm please to announce that this one is actually good, at least the perfomance. Must be around the time of "Kind of Blue" and "Round Midnight" - sparce album notes - the gang from those albums is intact here. Miles has the modal, lyrical Bill Evans on piano. And a mellow Coltrane really listens here to what others are playing. And the great Miles himself, slightly sad and melancholy and tuneful with that Harmon mute. They still seem to LOVE the music.
A tuneful version of "Bye Bye Blackbird", not sped up. Miles quotes from "Maria" from Westside Story. "It Never entered my Mind" - Miles invests himself emotionally in the playing. "So What!" played in the better walking tempo.
Later Miles would get bored with playing these great songs, turn his back on his audiences, and rush the tempos so they are not recognizable. Later Coltrane would going off playing self-referential lines - "You want the Miles gig, you can have it!". Later, hateful comments from Coltrane and the black audiences would drive Bill Evans away forever. But that's another story. (Read "So What!" or one of the other fine biographies of Miles Davis for more info...)
The only problem, of course, is the recording, which is flat and two dimensional. CD was cut from an LP, not a master tape! Sounds like a cheap tape recorder or a cheap mike. But I've heard much worse recordings of Davis.
But don't let that keep you away from what is otherwise great songs and great performances.
Miles Davis- (Trumpet);
John Coltrane- (Tenor sax);
Bill Evans- (Piano);
Paul Chambers- (Bass);
Wynton Kelly- (Piano);
Jimmy Cobb, Philly Joe Jones- (Drums).
01. Bye Bye Blackbird (R. Henderson-M. Dixon) May 17, 1958 6:46
02. Four (M. Davis) May 17, 1958 4:46
03. It Never Entered My Mind (R. Rodgers-L. Hart) Jul 13, 1957 3:43
04. Walkin' (R. Carpenter) May 17, 1958 6:26
05. Milestones (M. Davis) Jul 27, 1963 9:20
06. So What (M. Davis) [incomplete] Apr 2, 1959 8:47

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