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Gábor SZABO Summary - The Sorcerer 1967

Gábor SZABO Summary - The Sorcerer 1967
Recorded live at The Jazz Workshop in Boston on April 14/15, 1967


Years ago, when my blase ears first encountered Szabo's 'Sorcerer,' it immediately became a favorite; I couldn't tell why and that was precisely one of its fascinations.
Hungarian ex-patriate and former Chico Hamilton bandmate Szabo seemed to have zeroed-in on and captured a mysterious zone or niche hitherto unexplored by jazz and rock guitarists alike. The transcendent aura that resided there, seemed to be a JAZZ-MEDIATED mixture of GYPSY ESSENCES: the essence of Hungarian gypsy music that Szabo grew up surrounded by, and, of course, whatever gypsy essence existed in the hectic Zeitgeist of the late '60s.

The considerable technique of Szabo and his co-horts would not be of much interest outside that HIPPIOGYPSYJAZZ unifying triangle. Szabo's style crossed over to younger generation rock musicians, such as Jimi Hendrix and Carlos Santana, who to this day acknowledges him as a seminal influence. Szabo's syncopated dual guitar playing with Jimmy Stewart is the true forerunner of Fripp-and-Belew's similar 'DEPTH' explorations on King Crimson's "Discipline," some 15 years down the road.

Over the years, only the effect of 'Space' (being too monotonous for my taste) has faded; most of the rest (and especially 'Mizrab') have remained as UNIQUE IN ATMOSPHERE as the first time I heard them.
Gabor Szabo, Jimmy Stewart- Guitars
Louis Kabok- Bass
Marty Morrell- Drums
Hal Gordon- Percussion.
A1. The Beat Goes On  4:53
A2. Little Boat (O Barquinho)   4:23
A3. Lou-ise  4:18
A4. What Is This Thing Called Love?  5:18

B1. Space  6:40
B2. Stronger Than Us  4:13
B3. Mizrab  6:59
B4. Comin' Back  1:56

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