Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Donald BYRD Quintet - Parisien Thoroughfare 1958

Donald BYRD Quintet - Parisien Thoroughfare  1958


The second of two Albums that document a Paris concert by trumpeter Donald Byrd also features Bobby Jaspar on tenor and flute, pianist Walter Davis, Jr., bassist Doug Watkins and drummer Art Taylor. Other than Byrd's "At This Time" and Davis' "Formidable," the quintet sticks to bop standards, many of which are quite concise and clock in around three minutes. Longer versions of "Parisian Thoroughfare" (a highpoint) and "52nd Street Theme" are exceptions. This spirited bop-oriented music is the equal of the first volume.
By Scott Yanow, AMG.
Doug Watkins- Bass
Art Taylor- Drums
Walter Davis Jr.- Piano
Bobby Jaspar- Sax
Donald Byrd- Trumpet
01. Salt Peanuts (2:13)
02. Parisian Thoroughfare (9:05)
03. Stardust (3:19)
04. 52nd Street Theme (6:42)
05. At This Time (10:03) 
06. Formidable (9:28) 
07. Two Bass Hit (2:57)
08. Salt Peanuts (2:15)

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