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Dave HOLLAND Quartet - Conference Of The Birds 1972

Dave HOLLAND Quartet - Conference Of The Birds 1972


This 1973 release is the place to start with David Holland. In the years just prior to this recording he worked with both Miles Davis and banjo player/songwriter John Hartford and developed into a skillfully inventive and deft player. His six originals on CONFERENCE range from the galloping frenzy of "Four Winds" to the playfully mathematical "Q & A" and the folkish title tune.

The line-up of this quartet is dazzling. Anchored by Holland and drummer Barry Altschul, saxophonist/flutists Sam Rivers and Anthony Braxton fly in and around the rhythmic architecture like a pair of mating birds. Unfortunately, this was the only session these four ever made together. Minus Rivers, and with the addition of Kenny Wheeler on trumpet, they went on to be Braxton's working quartet for a couple years. Additionally, Holland and Rivers recorded a bracing pair of duet albums. But CONFERENCE OF THE BIRDS remains that rare, once-in-a-lifetime event.
From CD Universe.
Dave Holland- Bass
Sam Rivers- Flute, Reeds, Soprano Sax, Tenor Sax
Anthony Braxton- Flute, clarinet, Reeds, Soprano Sax, Alto Sax
Barry Altschul- Marimba, Percussion
A1. Four Winds  6:32
A2. Q & A  8:34
A3. Conference of the Birds  4:34

B1. Interception  8:20
B2. Now Here (Nowhere)  4:32
B3. See-Saw  6:40

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