Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Curtis SALGADO & Terry ROBB - Hit It 'n Quit It 1996

Curtis SALGADO & Terry ROBB - Hit It 'n Quit It 1996


Imagine some good friends getting together at the neighborhood watering hole and the mood strikes them and those present to start playing and unleashing deep feelings right then and there without prior anouncement; spontaneous creativity is the result! This is what you have here and what art is all about, on the spot playing for feel not looks! This is hard to achieve on disk but the people involved on this project captured the moment that can be enjoyed over and over!
Peter Boe- Piano
Tim Bryson- Horn
Butch Cousins- Drums
John Mazzocco- Bass
Jeff Minnieweather- Drums
Terry Robb- Guitar,Bottleneck Guitar
Curtis Salgado- Harmonica, Vocals, Producer
Dave Stewart- Piano
01. If It Ain't Me (Rogers)  3:01
02. Drop Down Mama (Edwards)  3:12
03. Voodoo Music (Lenoir)  2:55
04. Bitter Tears (Robb, Salgado)  240
05. Hit It and Quit It (Mazzocco, Minnieweather, Robb, Salgado)  5:36
06. Still a Fool (Waters)  3:46
07. My Kind of Woman (James)  2:59
08. Too Young to Know (Waters)  3:14
09. You're So Fine (Little Walter) - 3:04
10. El Gado Rumba Azul (Mazzocco, Minneweather, Robb, Salgado)  4:46
11. Feelin' Good (Parker)  8:02

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