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Canned Heat - Boogie 2000

Canned Heat - Boogie 2000


Canned Heat has just recorded their new album, titled "Boogie 2000" with one of their strongest lineups ever, including Adolpho "Fito" de la Parra on drums, original bassist Larry "The Mole" Taylor on guitar, Greg Kage on bass and veteran bluesman Robert Lucas on vocals, bottleneck and harmonica leading the way.

While many people all over the world commemorate the 30th anniversary of the legendary Woodstock festival, Canned Heat, who were one of the headliners (3rd highest paid act after Hendrix and Joplin), enter the next millenium with fresh blues & boogie. With Boogie 2000 Canned Heat offer the evidence that this band does not only live off a great past but also is very present and you'll get the feel to hear more of those guys in the future ...

"Hard to believe it's been 26 years since I had the pleasure of making an entire album with Canned Heat. We've spent a lot of time finding and writing songs that would have the old Canned Heat feel and sound, but would also take their boogie-blues into the next century with a fresh and revitalized sound. The Heat were bringing the country blues to the white, mainstream audience, they are more responsible than any other band that can be named. Their combination of blues and boogie hits in the late '60s and early '70s, along with their collaboration with John Lee Hooker, opened the door for many, many other musicians and bands to play the blues and have it accepted by the music public. This album, hopefully, will again make Canned Heat a real player in today's music world as it combines blues, boogie, rock and swing. Canned Heat would like to thank all of it's fans around the world for their loyalty over the past 30 plus years and we hope those that are hearing Canned Heat for the first time will become listeners into the millenium."
Don't Forget To Boogie!
By Skip Taylor.
Some bands just keep on truckin'. Check out Canned Heat, closing out the millennium with a new album of new material. This is a good title for the album because since forming 33 years ago, the band is still going on fusing boogie rhythms with rock instrumentation. Still, there is plenty of variety here. On "World of Make Believe" they go halfway to meeting Santana and on "Dark Clouds" they recall Willie Dixon.
By Tom Schulte.
Robert Lucas- (Vocals, Guitar, Slide Guitar, harmonica);
Larry Taylor- (Vocals, Guitar);
Greg Kage- (Vocals);
Javier Batiz, Adolfo de la Parra- (Guitar);
Michael Forbes, David Woodford- (Flute, Sax);
Rob Rio- (Piano);
Mike Finnegan- (Organ).
Additional personnel includes:
Cannibal & The Headhunters.
01. Wait And See 2:47
       Flute, Saxophone - David Woodford , Mike Forbes
       Lyrics By, Music By - D. Bartholomew* , A. Domino*
       Vocals - Robert Lucas
02. Last Man 2:49
       Lyrics By - Skip Taylor
       Music By - A. de la Parra* , S.L. Taylor* , Skip Taylor
       Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar [Slide] - Robert Lucas
03. World Of Make Believe 3:31
       Congas, Percussion - Fito de la Parra , Mike Pacheco
       Guitar [Lead] - Javier Batiz
       Lyrics By, Music By, Vocals - Greg Kage
       Music By - A. de la Parra* , S.L. Taylor*
       Organ [Hammond B-3] - Michael Finnigan
04. Dark Clouds 4:11
       Lyrics By - R. Lucas*
       Music By - A. de la Parra* , S.L. Taylor*
       Vocals - Robert Lucas
05. Searchin' For My Baby 3:12
       Backing Vocals - Original "Cannibal And The Headhunters", The*
       Lyrics By, Music By - Robert Moore
       Organ [Hammond B-3] - Michael Finnigan
       Vocals - Robert Lucas
06. I Got Loaded 3:18
       Lyrics By, Music By - Harris/ Nelson*
       Vocals - Robert Lucas
07. Too Much Giddyup (Not Enough Whoa) 3:46
       Guitar [Slide] - Robert Lucas
       Lyrics By, Vocals - Greg Kage
       Music By - A. de la Parra* , S.L. Taylor* , R. Lucas*
08. She Split 3:42
       Lyrics By, Music By - A. de la Parra* , S.L. Taylor*
       Piano - Rob Rio
       Vocals - Larry Taylor
09. 2000 Reasons (Y2K Blues) 5:15
       Lyrics By, Vocals - Robert Lucas
       Music By - A. de la Parra* , G. Kage* , S.L. Taylor*
       Piano - Rob Rio
10. Road To Rio 3:33
       Lyrics By, Music By - Al Blake (2)
       Vocals - Greg Kage
11. Can I Come Home? 4:18
       Lyrics By, Vocals - Robert Lucas
       Music By - A. de la Parra* , Greg Kage , S.L. Taylor*
       Organ [Hammond B-3] - Michael Finnigan
       Piano - Rob Rio
12.  I'm So Tired 4:32
       Lyrics By, Music By, Vocals - Robert Lucas

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