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Byther SMITH - I´m A Madman 1992

Byther SMITH - I´m A Madman 1992


Smitty is unequivocally not mellowing with age. This set finds him physically threatening some poor slob in "Get Outta My Way" and generally living up to the boast of the title track. As his profile finally rises, Smith is receiving a little high-profile assistance -- Ron Levy produced the set and handles keyboards, while the Memphis Horns add their punchy interjections wherever appropriate.
By Bill Dahl. AMG.
Ex-boxer Byther Smith says, "The blues is just like fighting. You gots to have that killin' instinct." Which he does. He's J.B. Lenoir's first cousin, he's been in Chicago for years, and there aren't too many contemporary bluesmen who would want to get in the ring with Byther. He's got a lot of shifty moves--who else have you heard that can imitate Elmore James's sound, but without using a slide, the way Byther does here on "Get Outta My Way?" Smith came to Memphis in July of '92 to record his second Bulllseye Blues album with a hot, tight band and the Memphis Horns
Byther Smith- (Vocals, Guitar);
Jim Spake- (Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax);
Andrew Love- (Tenor Saxophone);
Wayne Jackson- (Trumpet, Trombone);
Ron Levy- (Piano, Organ);
Mike Boyle- (electric Bass);
Lloyd Anderson- (Drums).
01. I Got So Much Love
02. Comin' Home
03. I'm in a Hole
04. Mad Man
05. Get Outta My Way
06. Play the Blues in Paris
07. You Don't Know Me, Mary
08. Your Mama's Crazy
09. Funky Man
10. 35 Long Years

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