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Bukka WHITE - Big Daddy 1973

Bukka WHITE - Big Daddy 1973


Bukka White proves the staying power of the traditional blues style with his 1973 sessions. Riding the folk-blues popularity wave in the '60s, these early-'70s recordings find the storyteller/singer still in his prime. Bukka White conjures up in the studio the essence of the revival sound: a man, a guitar, and an authentic delivery. Recorded just a few years before White's 1977 death, this album of Bukka White solos with guitar reaches back into the catalog that made even a large figure in the pre-World War II blues. Among these songs is "Sic 'Em Dogs," which, like most of the tracks, features the ex-boxer percussively playing with the force on his guitar that made him switch from wooden-body guitars to the more durable steel-bodied models. The production is clear vocally, through somewhat thin in the guitar area, and the accompanying notes are detailed.
By Tom Schulte.
Bukka White goes down in history as having hits both musically as a bluesman and as a pitcher in the Negro Leagues. He met and studied under Delta blues legend Charley Patton as a young man and later recorded tracks for Alan Lomax and the Library of Congress. After serving in the U.S. Navy during World War II, White relocated to Memphis, TN where he lived with – and mentored – younger cousin Riley "B.B." King. This Biograph recording was White’s last, recorded three years prior to his death.
A1. Black Cat Bone Blues   3:03
A2. 1936 Triggertoe   2:30
A3. Cryin` Holy Unto the Lord   3:00
A4. Shake My Hand Blues   3:27
A5. Sic 'Em Dogs On   3:16
A6. Gibson Hill   4:32
B1. Mama Don' 'Low   3:25
B2. Hot Springs Arkansas   2:58
B3. Jelly Roll Workin' Man   4:17
B4. Black Crepe Blues   2:54
B5. Glory Bound Train   3:04
B6. Aberdeen Mississippi Blues   3:01

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