Thursday, December 10, 2009

Blues Train - Rock The Blues 2005

Blues Train - Rock The Blues 2005


Big Band Blues Rock! Think "Chicago" meets "Stevie Ray Vaughan". If you are hip to the blues scene, think "Roomful Of Blues"We are a fusion of many blues and rock styles, from old masters like Buddy Guy and Albert Collins, to an influence of the guitar god trinity of Hendrix, SRV and Clapton. "You can't know where you're going if you don't know where you've been".Check out BluesTrain live at the '06 Tampa Bay Blues Festival on YouTube! And check out more BluesTrain live video at Yesteryears, Pomona, CA. on MySpace. Just keyin "BluesTrain" on either site and you are there!
BluesTrain features Blues-Rock in a big band format! Inspired by the tradition of blues based artists like The Allman Brothers Band, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Eric Clapton, BluesTrain melds blues and rock with style and passion. Combining reverence for our great American Blues heritage with a modern rock styling, BluesTrain is a musical bridge between past and present of blues-influenced music.

Formed in the mid-90s by vocalist Chris Johnson, guitarist John Rack, and Hammond organist Jocelyn Michelle, BluesTrain evolved into a 12-member band that went on to headline for many years at B.B. King's blues club in Hollywood, CA. In 2005 Chris Johnson was the winner of the Los Angeles Music Awards in the “Best Male Vocalist” category.
Gregg Bissonette- (Drums),
Matt Bissonette- (Bass),
Denny Freeman- (Guitar),
Mike Thomson- (Piano),
T. Lavitz- (Piano), with The Dixie Dregs.
01. Get Back To Austin 3:40
02. Bad Luck On 8 Miles Road 3:39
03. Whiskey Girl 4:15
04. Little Blue Pill 3:27
05. Dancin' With My Baby 3:39
06. Texas Tea 2:54
07. Thinking Man's Blues 6:03
08. Rock The Blues 4:51
09. Young Man With The Hat On 6:39
10. Stone In My Shoe 3:22
11. Muddy Water 4:28
12. Going Downtown 3:31
13. Come On Baby 4:12
14. Storms Rainin' Down 3:55

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