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Airto - Samba De Flora 1988

Airto - Samba De Flora 1988


For those who don't expect Jazz and who can live with light, breezy Latin music, this record will turn out to be a pleasant release. There's an impressive list of collaborators; among the best known: Flora Purim, Giovanni Hidalgo, Roland Bautista, Don Alias, Oscar Castro-Neves, Joe Farrell, Alphonso Johnson, Jorge Dalto, Raul de Souza, Rafael José. The tunes come from several sessions, but they work well assembled the way they are for this release.  La Puerta and Mulambo feature vocals by Airto - he sings really well, here - and acoustic piano by the late Jorge Dalto. Dalto is featured playing the acoustic piano on this album along with Flora Purim. The recordings have got to be among his last ones, they present the Argentinian musician at the height of his creativity. And Flora's voice is simply a delight. Occasional solos don't interfere with the general danceability of the music. The title song is a good dance track; so is Yanah Amina. The vocals are mostly sung in Spanish. Actually the entire production is a fusion of Hispanic and Brazilian elements.
Tony Moreno- Drums
Angel "Cachete" Maldonado- Percussion, Conga
Flora Purim- Vocals
Michael Shapiro- Bass
David Tolegian- Flute, Saxophone
Luis Munoz- Percussion
Bruce Bigenho- Keyboards
Larry Nass- Guitar
Rafael Jose- Vocals
Jill Avery- Vocals (Background)
Laudir DeOliveira- Percussion
Rolando Gingras- Trumpet
Kei Akagi- Synthesizer
Giovanni Hidalgo- Percussion, Bongos
Roland Bautista- Guitar
Randy Tico- Bass
Don Alias- Percussion
Airto Moreira- Percussion,Drums,Vocals,Flute (Wood),Conga
Dominic Camardella- Keyboards
Frank Colon- Percussion, Berimbau
Jeff Elliott- Trumpet,Arranger,Horn,Flugelhorn
Joe Farrell- Piccolo
Alphonso Johnson- Bass
Keith Jones- Bass
Jorge Dalto- Piano,Keyboards,Arranger
Raul de Souza- Trombone.
A1. Parana  
A2. Samba De Flora  
A3. La Puerta  
A4. Dedos  
B1. Yanah Amina  
B2. El Fiasco  
B3. Mulambo  
B4. Latin Woman

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