Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Gap Band - Live & Well 1996

The Gap Band - Live & Well 1996


The Gap Band were three brothers from Tulsa, Oklahoma, who had a string of R&B hits in the early 80s. Ronnie, Charlie and Robert Wilson had been writing, touring and recording together since 1973, but it wasn't until 1979 when they eventually signed to Mercury Records that they found success. The Gap Band featured a No.4 R&B hit called "Shake", and The Gap Band II (actually their fourth album) included the memorable "I Don't Believe You Wanna Get Up and Dance (Oops Upside Your Head)". The single was a pop hit in the UK and Europe, and again reached No.4 in the US R&B chart.

Further R&B hits followed: "Burn Rubber On Me (Why You Wanna Hurt Me)"; "Yearning For Your Love"; "Early In The Morning"; "You Dropped a Bomb on Me"; "Outstanding"; "Party Train"; and "Beep A Freak". Meanwhile, The Gap Band III, The Gap Band IV and Gap Band V: Jammin (which featured a guest appearance from Stevie Wonder) all sold over a million copies each.
This is a great recording, done in Atlanta GA. Some groups seem to come alive with an audience, and the Gap Band is one of those groups. The audience sings along, with great energy, not always with perfect pitch. It makes for a wonderful musical interlude, from start to finish a love fest with an adoring audience. The next best thing to being there.
This is one of the best live cd's. I really enjoyed the entire concert. In fact, it brought back memories of the concert i attended featuring the Gap Band in Memphis Tn in the 80's. We have an oldies radio station in Memphis but I have yet to hear one of my favorite songs called No Hiding Place. As I was listening to the cd i realized this song really has a place in my heart forever. At one time in my life I was that lonely girl Charlie was singing about. I still feel that song. I will always love The Gap Band. Very few groups these days have the talent that these guys have. When will they get a legendary award? They are truly deservant & long over due for such an honorable recognition.
Terry Scott- Guitar, Horn, Keyboards
Stutz Wimmer- Sax
Charlie Wilson- Vocals,Vocals (Background)
Robert Wilson- Guitar (Bass), Group Member, Vocals (Background),
Billy Young- Keyboards
Alfreda Gerald- Vocals (Background)
Ronnie Wilson- Flugelhorn, Keyboards, Logo Art, Group Member, Producer, Vocals (Background)
Anthony Walker- Percussion
Sam Skelton- Sax
Eric Alexander- Trombone
Atlanta Horns- Horn
Mike Barry- Trumpet
Val Young- Vocals (Background)
Raymond Calhoun- Drums
LaSalle Gabriel- Guitar
Roman Johnson- Moog Synthesizer, Moog Bass
01. Intro 0:49
02. Gap Band Party 1:52
03. Wide 0:48
04. Oops Upside Your Head 5:14
05. Outstanding 5:39
06. Humpin 3:55
07. No Hiding Place 3:58
08. Burn Rubber 6:24
09. Gotta Get Up 1:48
10. Early In The Morning 6:33
11. Party Train 7:03
12. Drop The Bomb 4:48
13. Yearning For Your Love 8:55
14. Yearning -Reprise (Shooby Doo Mix) 4:52
15. Mega Mix (Gotta Get Up Mix ) 7:05