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Norah JONES - Live in New Orleans 2003 (Dvd Rip)

Norah JONES - Live in New Orleans 2003 (Dvd Rip)


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Norah Jones recently swept up the Grammys, winning all five awards she was up for including Record & Album of the year. All were well deserved and on the heels of that success, she picked the right time to release her first DVD. It's from a performance from July, 2002 at The House of Blues in New Orleans and it captures the essence of her music. The show is cool and laid back, and a throwback to vintage stylings as is the DVD's direction. The camera work lingers on Ms. Jones and her band for long moments, allowing the viewer to soak in each performer's image. We get long close-ups and not the usual herky-jerky, fast cuts of most concert films. The concert contains almost every song from her lone album, Come Away With Me as well as some choice covers including a standout version of The Band's "Bessie Smith". For fans of Ms. Jones, the DVD is great companion piece to her award winning album and an excellent concert film.
By Thomas Magnum.
NOTE: There are two extras on this DVD that aren't mentioned on the discription - an encore of "Tennessee Waltz", and the music video for "Come Away With Me"
Norah Jones is one of those great music success stories - blessed with talent (and looks), seriously approach to her art, and knowing of her strong points. All of these factors, and more, come together in this live show.
Recorded at the House Of Blues in October 2002, Norah and "The Very Handsome Band" don't stray too far from what worked so successfully on her incredible debut. Most of the songs from "Come Away With Me" are presented, along with 4 tunes added for this show.
This is a very quiet show, which allows the focus to remain on Norah's gorgeous singing and wonderful piano playing. Favorites like "Don't Know Why", "Nightingale" and "One Flight Down" sound great in a live setting (as if there would be any doubt). If you are a fan of the album, you'll truly enjoy this show.
Of the four new tunes, Norah is at her vocal best on "Bessie Smith", a wonderful blues tune with great drum work by Andrew Burger. "Something Is Calling You" is a beautiful song as well, with an excellent bass line. And the version of "Tennessee Waltz" which Norah uses for an encore sounds much sadder than many versions of this song, but works wonderfully.
This is truly step 2 in the making of a major star - with a new album (supposedly) coming this fall, this DVD makes a nice in-between step for those of us that have been captured by Norah's talent. You won't have a moment's disappointment watching this show, but definitely catch her live this summer if you have a chance.
By Karl Miller.
Norah Jones- Vocals, Piano, Wurlizter
Adam Levy- Guitar, Backing Vocals
Lee Alexander- Bass
Andrew Borger- Drums
Daru- backing Vocals
Cold Cold Heart
One Flight Down
Seven Years
Feelin' the Same Way
Come Love
Something Is Calling You
Come Away with Me
What Am I to You?
Painter Song
I've Got to See You Again
Bessie Smith
Don't Know Why
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