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Diana KRALL - Jazz à Marciac (FM) 2008

Diana KRALL - Jazz à Marciac (FM) 2008
Marciac (France), Sous Chapiteau
August 7, 2008
Thx To *ubu*


Here's a heavily edited short bit of Diana Krall, recorded live at Marciac in 2008. She's badmouthed in die-hard jazz circles, but I still think she's a pretty nice singer and a fine (if somewhat un-original) pianist. Her band includes guitarist Anthony Wilson, son of the great bandleader Gerald Wilson.

I downloaded this show from somewhere originally, and cut out the obnoxious radio announcer - typical French radio broadcast - they just can't shut up! And the worst is the guy usually waited until the applause was over and then, while the next song began, he started bullshitting - that explains why most of the titles or cut short somewhat. Most often it's only a few bars of the piano intros that are missing, but in one case, a whole 8 bars of the sing are missing. Now some may ask why I delete music - it's a personal preference if I want to lean back and enjoy such a recording, I hate being interrupted by an announcer in between the music, even more so as the volume of these announcements is often considerably louder than the music itself. I'd be a happy passenger if all radio stations proceeded as Swiss Radio some introductory words, then all the music there's time for, and a short outro at the end (usually they even fade out the applause before even opening their mouth).

Of course - as a small ceterum censeo - I do agree with any notion that the marketing of the pretty blonde is way over the top (I think it started around the time of what I still consider her finest album, Love Scenes). The funniest bit of it is the photo from the cover of her x-mas album, à la Balthus.
Diana Krall - piano, vocals
Anthony Wilson - guitar
Bob Hurst - bass
Jeff Hamilton - drums
01. The Look Of Love (4:06) [inc, fade-in]
02. Announcement DK (0:28)
03. I'll String Along (5:10) [inc, fade-out]
04. 'Deed I Do (8:52) [fade-in]
05. I've Got You Under My Skin (6:34) [fade-in]
06. Announcement DK (0:10)
07. I Was Doing All Right (8:14) [fade-in]


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