Thursday, February 18, 2010

Miles DAVIS - Miles Davis in Berlin 1964

Miles DAVIS - Miles Davis in Berlin 1964
1969 Issue. SBPG 62976
Recorded live on September 25th in concert "Berliner Jazztage '64" at Philharmonic Hall


This recording (Sept. 1964) predates those captured of the quintet at the Plugged Nickel (Dec. 1965) by a little over a year, and is the very first recording consisting of the Shorter/Hancock/Carter/Williams line-up. With the addition of Wayne, this group coalesced into what many consider to be the finest jazz band ever, and this recording testifies to that. The sound quality of this disc is excellent- it truly does the music justice. The playing is of the stellar calibre one expects from this group, which is essentially just to say that Ron is Ron, Tony is Tony, Wayne is Wayne, Miles is Miles, and Herbie, well, Herbie is uber-Herbie. Seriously, this album contains some of the best piano work I've ever heard with this group. Now that Miles In Berlin is so widely available and affordable, no music lover should be without it. This group occupies a seminal place in this history of jazz, and this recording occupies a seminal position in their creative oeuvre.
By Eric Barstad.
Miles Davis- (Trumpet);
Wayne Shorter- (Tenor Sax);
Herbie Hancock- (Piano);
Ron Carter- (Bass);
Tony Williams- (Drums).
A1. Milestones 7:56
A2. Autumn Leaves 12:46
B1. So What 10:38
B2. Walkin' 10:36
B3. Theme 1:48

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