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Ike TURNER - Risin´ With The Blues 2006

Ike TURNER - Risin´ With The Blues 2006


The often-controversial Ike Turner is unfortunately best known for his behind-the-scenes contributions to R&B and rock & roll (he claims his "Rocket 88" was the first rock-&-roll record) and his violence toward his former wife, the singer Tina Turner. But this set is evidence that, after more than six decades as a musician, he's still more than capable of producing a compelling collection of down-and-dirty blues and funk. Starting with the deep groove of "Gimme Back My Wig" and a nod to his roots on the jump blues of "Caledonia," Turner also revisits "A Love Like Yours," which he and Tina first recorded in 1966 with Phil Spector. And his unapologetic, gospel-tinged "Jesus Loves Me" points an accusing finger back at his unforgiving critics.
This is one of best blues albums I've heard in years. Ike Turner is a true legend, genius and innovator.
I was fortunate to see him live in 2001 at Burnaby Blues Festival in Canada where he was promoting his 2001 release "Here and Now". I must admit that when you see Ike Turner live you know that you are in the presence of one of a kind. His stage presence and intensity is just as remarkable as his guitar and piano skills.

The new album is a MUST own (just as much as "Here and Now"). The sample tracks on Amazon can give you some idea but definitely don't do justice to a full sound and heavy base on this album. When you realize that at 75 Ike was able to produce such high quality product, you wish him another 200 years of music career.
Enjoy it!
By Gary Birshtein.
Risin' With The Blues won Ike Turner a Grammy for Best Traditional Blues Album for 2007; and predictably Ike sings some mighty great tunes on this album. Critics write that his vocals are "raw" and potent"--and wow, are they ever right! Ike Turner fans will love this one for sure!

"Caldonia," a tribute to Louis Jordan, swings and rocks and Ike sings this to perfection. The piano arrangement is great and Ike belts this out like the pro that he is! I really like "Caldonia" a lot. Listen also for "Goin' Home Tomorrow;" Ike sings this with his heart and soul as the musicians play a rousing arrangement. Ike sings the blues here better than ever; and his voice is in great form! Moreover, there's "I Don't Want Nobody;" this rockin' bluesy tune will not disappoint you. Ike sings this out strong and things like the harmonica enhance the number as Ike sings.

There are other tracks on this album that are well worth attention. "A Love Like Yours' is a stunning bluesy number featuring Ike's vocals squarely in the foreground and the female backup vocalists support Ike really well. "Eighteen Long Years" gives us another strong performance by Ike; he sings this passionately as if this was his own personal experience.

"Rockin' Blues" rocks slowly with a good touch of the blues; listen for Ike to perform this with style; and "Big Fat Momma" has a great country rockin' beat. Ike doesn't miss a note on "Big Fat Momma," either! It's THAT good.

Overall, this album by Ike Turner scores a goal in my book. It's a must-have. I felt compelled to write this review because I know that Ike passed away earlier today. His music, on the other hand, will live on with us forever.
By Matthew G. Sherwin.
Ike Turner- Guitar,Piano.Vocals
Ernest Lane, Paul "Scooby" Smith- Keyboards
Ken Frizelle- Harb
Ryan Montana, Mack Johnson- Horn
Matt Long, Billy Ray- Drums
01. Gimme Back My Wig 3:37
02. Caldonia 2:57
03. Tease Me 3:47
04. Goin' Home Tomorrow 3:05
05. Jazzy Fuzzy 4:20
06. I Don't Want Nobody 3:43
07. Jesus Loves Me 3:57
08. A Love Like Yours 3:26
09. Senor Blues 4:25
10. Eighteen Long Years 3:16
11. Rockin' Blues 4:38
12. After Hours 5:00
13. Big Fat Mama 3:54
14. Bi Polar 3:46

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