Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Emi HAYAKAWA - Feel The Jazz Breeze 2008

Emi HAYAKAWA - Feel The Jazz Breeze 2008


Japanese beauty of the music selected biingyi synonymous with jazz singer Emi Hayakawa second album in 2008, showcasing career. 'Waltz for debby', 'My Favorite things',' My foolish Heart 'jazz standards, including numbers from' Danny Boy ', "LOVE', 'You are my Sunshine' and a wide variety of pop music genius and the unique voice soft and comfortable the song is. you should work for female vocalist enthusiasts.

Fate seemed to pull the strings
I turned and you were gone
While from the darkened wings
The music box played on
01. On the street where you live
02. Pick yourself up
03. Love
04. My foolish heart
05. Charade
06. The days of wine and roses
07. Waltz for Debby
08. Danny Boy
09. You are my sunshine
10. My favorite things
11. Taking a chance on love
12. Taking a chance on love (english)


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