Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stanley TURRENTINE - What About You 1978

Stanley TURRENTINE - What About You 1978


You hear the word "soulful" a lot when people talk about Stanley Turrentine, and what they really mean is the emotion he expressed through his confident control of every note. Turrentine often told the story of being drilled by his musician Dad. He would insist that the young Stanley stand in a corner and play one note endlessly. "Did you hear it?" his dad asked him when he was done. "Dad, I'm standing right here in the corner," the boy replied. Years later, he finally understood the lesson - that there are all kinds of sounds you can make depending on your attack, breath control, bending, and other manipulations.

At a time when musicians began pursuing an astonishing array of disciplines and personal quests, when many regarded "jazz" and "revolution" as interchangeable terms, Turrentine was at the forefront of a group of musicians who believed in melody and song; in extending and interpreting traditions, not in detonating them. While his style and ideas were contemporary, his big sound allied him more with some of the grand masters on the instrument.
Shondu Akiem- Percussion
Carla Benson- Vocals (Bckgr)
Evette Benton- Vocals (Bckgr)
Quentin Dennard- Drums
Barbara Ingram- Vocals Bckgr)
Ronnie James- Guitar (Electric)
Greg Middleton- Guitar (Electric)
Greg Poree- Guitar (Electric)
Don Renaldo- Violin, Conductor
Richard Rome- Keyboards
Stanley Turrentine- Sax (Tenor)
A1. Heritage 3:50
A2. Feel The Fire 5:03
A3. Disco Dancing 7:58
B1. Manhattan Skyline 4:17
B2. My Wish For You 5:10
B3. Wind And The Sea 4:25

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