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Son HOUSE - The Original Delta Blues 1998

Son HOUSE - The Original Delta Blues 1998
CK 65515


Eddie James "Son" House, Jr. was originally legendary in blues circles for a small collection of live field recordings made by folklorist Alan Lomax in 1941 and 1942--and for having taught some important licks to both Robert Johnson and Muddy Waters. But much of his present blues immortality rests on 21 tracks recorded in 1965, after his "rediscovery" on the college blues circuit. Son House showed worshipful youngsters how his modal acoustic blues and stabbing style of bottleneck slide guitar, heard to best advantage on tracks like the chilling "Death Letter," earned him the title "Father of the Delta Blues."

The first nine tracks on THE ORIGINAL DELTA BLUES were issued in 1965 as THE LEGENDARY SON HOUSE, which has been repackaged endlessly under various titles. The remaining two inclusions are outtakes from those sessions that previously appeared on the 1992's FATHER OF THE DELTA BLUES compilation.
Son House- (Vocals, National Guitar);
Alan Wilson- (Guitar, Harmonica).
01. Death Letter  4:19
02. Pearline  4:32
03. Louise McGhee  6:12
04. John the Revelator  2:30
05. Empire State Express  3:39
06. Preachin' Blues  5:22
07. Grinnin' in Your Face  2:06
08. Sundown  6:12
09. Levee Camp Moan  9:28
10. Pony Blues  5:17
11. Downhearted Blues  6:03

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