Thursday, February 18, 2010

Carvin JONES Band - Unleashed: Burnin' up the Blues 1998

Carvin JONES Band - Unleashed: Burnin' up the Blues 1998


Carvin Jones was born in Lufkin, Texas. At a very young age, he was seduced to the blues by listening to BB King records his grandfather constantly played in the house. At age 11, Carvin remembers "my grandmother bought me my first guitar because I would borrow other people´s and when they came back to get them, I´d bum out. She took me downtown and bought me a guitar. I´ll never forget that day." Carvin recalls "my part of town was a rough neighborhood with a capital ´R´. I saw people litterally get killed - shot, stabbed, whatever. The guitar kept me out of trouble because I was always
inside playing the guitar away from that."
Carvin Jones and his very competent and capable Band have their priorities right, it's all about having a good time and I get the feeling that they don't ever give up until everyone in the audience feel like they're on stage and participating in the celebration, except that their way of doing things is by way of bringing the performance down with fifty foot guitar leads to the tables and sitting in between the amazed members of the audience, laying the regularly abused and evidently long suffering Fender Strat wailing like a banshee to rest across two tables and adopting a lap style technique in mid song and without any interruption to momentum of the piece of music filtering into every crevice in the room.
Nothing stands between the artist and the audience at a Carvin Jones gig, there are no barriers, and it's a wonderful feeling and a testament of his self confidence and natural friendliness on stage or off that leaves one and all thoroughly entertained.
Just watching someone like Carvin is enough to ratchet your own guitar confidence up a level on the stage presentation front alone.
Carvin Jones- Guitar,Vocals
Mario Mansiet- Bass Guitar
Frank Morrison- Drums
Patrick Riley- Drums
01. San-Ho-Zay 4:07
02. Personal Manager 6:42
03. You so Mean to Me 3:16
04. Reconsider Baby 5:11
05. Red Rooster 4:10
06. Ain't Superstitious 4:59
07. Heart Fixer 6:18
08. No Particular Place to Go 3:56
09. You Lied to Me Baby 2:57
10. Born Under Bad 3:29
11. Boom Boom 5:12
12. Mannish Boy 3:51
13. That's Us 3:32

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