Monday, February 22, 2010

Renée GEYER - It's a Man's Man's World 1974

Renée GEYER - It's a Man's Man's World 1974


Sometimes words aren´t enough. All the things that have and will be said about Renée Geyer one of the world´s finest singers Australian music legend are true and undeniable, but saying that about her still doesn´t say enough. Renée Geyer is Renée Geyer, a unique talent, not a singer whose career is dependant on yesterday or tomorrow´s hit song, but someone who lives for her next performance, on stage or on record, someone who refuses to rest on her laurels. The voice was always there. From the first time she opened her mouth those who heard turned their heads, but that wasn´t enough for Renée Geyer.
Renée Geyer- Vocals, Backing Vocals
Phil Manning; Tim Gaze; Steve Murphy; Tony Naylor- Guitars
Tweed Harris- Keyboards
Barry Big Goose Sullivan; Mike Kelly- Bass
Geoff Cox- Drums
Julie McKenna; Wendy Reece; Bobby Bright; Mike Brady- Background Vocals
Gary Hyde- Percussion
A1. It's A Man's Man's World 3:30 
A2. They Tell Me Of An Uncloudy Day 3:35 
A3. Take Me Where You Took Me Last 3:05  
A4. Since I Fell For You 3:40   
A5. What Do I Do On Sunday Morning 3:50   
A6. Love The Way You Love 3:08  
A7. Scarlet Ribbons 2:40   
B1. Do Your Thing 3:30   
B2. And I Love Him 5:05   
B3. It's Been A Long Time 3:21   
B4. Mama's Little Girl 3:15   
B5. Once In A Lifetime Thing 3:30   
B6. Feel Good 3:09  


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