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Mighty Sam McCLAIN - Keep On Movin' 1995

Mighty Sam McCLAIN - Keep On Movin' 1995


Second Audioquest disc opens with a fine McClain original called "Can You Stand The Test Of Love", a breezy horn-blessed number with a confident vocal from the mighty one. He also had a role in the impressive horn arrangements here along with trumpeter Walter Platt. Real soul music is suppose to have horns and this album doesn't disappoint. The brooding "I'm So Lonely" features an especially noteworthy arrangement and the swingin' title track has some powerful blasts. Though this is mostly bluesy soul McClain doesn't shy away from his gospel roots on this album, covering the popular traditional "Lord Will Make A Way" and stamping each vocal performance with that deep tension between sacred/profane all great soul singers possess. Listen to how he reaches in and wrings the emotion out of "A Soul That's Been Abused" or the Bobby Bland-like "Don't Worry About Me". Very few singers today compare to Mighty Sam McClain.
McClain pours out his soul, but this album lacks the power evidenced on Give It Up to Love. The problem lies not with McClain, but with some of his supporting musicians. The closest cohesion exists between McClain and the musician on the title track, while "Who Made You Cry" has McClain sounding sympathetic and helpful to someone's plight, expertly complemented by Kevin Barry on guitar. However, the horn section extenuates the problems by cluttering up the arrangements and detracting from McClain's performance, while the Hammond B-3 lacks a nimble, crisp feel, and at times sounds buried in the mix.
By Char Ham. AMG. 
Kevin Barry- Guitar
Paul Bryan- Bass 
Joe Casano- Trumpet 
Zac Casher- Drums 
Ole Mathisen- Tenor Sax 
Mighty Sam McClain- Vocals
Walter Platt- Trumpet, Horn (Alto)
Scott Shetler- Tenor,Bariton Sax
01. Can You Stand The Test Of Love 5:04
02. I'm So Lonely 4:47
03. Lord Will Make A Way 4:47
04. Who Made You Cry 5:48
05. Hold On To The Dream 3:49
06. Don't Worry About Me 7:07
07. Keep On Movin' 4:04
08. A Soul That's Been Abused 6:57
09. I'm Sorry 4:39
10. Let's Have Some Fun 2:54
11. This Is All I Have To Say 4:26


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