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B.B. KING - Lucille Talks Back 1990

B.B. KING - Lucille Talks Back 1990
1990 Issue. MCAD-22023

In the tradition of The Skipper and Gilligan and the Lone Ranger and Trigger, B.B. King never performs without his faithful sidekick, his guitar Lucille. And as with most close working relationships, they developed a simpatico over the years to the point where they became totally inseparable. B.B. has just such a relationship with Lucille. He lets her finish his thoughts, as in his trademark call and response on "Everybody Lies A Little" and "No Money, No Luck."

Sometimes he lets her do the talking for him, as on the titular instrumental. On LUCILLE TALKS BACK, they also get a little funky, as was the style back then (listen to the wah-wah guitar on "Breaking Up Somebody's Home" and the syncopated bass line on "I Know The Price.") They must be doing something right, as the audience's reaction on the live track "Gambler's Blues" bears out.
B.B. King- (Vocals, Guitar, Piano);
Milton Hopkins, Jess Daniels- (Guitar);
Brooker Walker, Bobby Forte- (Sax);
Joseph Burton- (Trombone);
Edward Rowe- (Horns);
James Toney- (Organ);
Ron Levy- (Keyboards, Synthesizer);
John Starks- (Drums);
Marcus Barnett- (Percussion).
01. Breaking Up Somebody's Home 2:58
02. Everybody Lies A Little 3:43
03. I Know The Price 3:06
04. Lucille Talks Back 2:25
05. Slow & Easy 3:04
06. Gambler's Blues 4:44
07. No Money, No Luck 3:44
08. Hold On (I Feel Our Love Is Changing) 4:09
09. To Know You Is To Love You 8:30
10. I Like To Live The Love 5:57

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