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Buddy GUY & Junior WELLS - Live In Montreux 1977

Buddy GUY & Junior WELLS - Live In Montreux 1977
1997 Issue.ECD 26002-2


Want to learn some tunes for an "open mike" blues jam? THEN CHECK THIS DISC OUT!!! There is enough material here to keep the serious blues student busy for months. Drummers, harpists, bassists, and guitarists alike. Each one of these tunes are popular at
all blues jams
By Frank G.
No blues tandem in recent memory has given more alternately brilliant and infuriating performances as the duo of Junior Wells and Buddy Guy. They can inspire or anger, stimulate or disgust, amaze or bore. They were in a great groove during the selections recorded at this '79 concert for Isabel. They have been recently reissued with two bonus cuts as part of Evidence's huge cache of blues material. Wells' often rambling, sometimes disjointed and unorganized vocals were not only focused on this occasion but delivered with verve, direction, and intensity. Guy stayed in the background, but when summoned, played with less flair and more power, dispensing with distortion and feedback gimmicks and providing neat fills, slashing lines, and meaty riffs. Fine Wells/Guy material that is close, if not completely equal to, their best.
By Ron Wynn. AMG.
Buddy Guy- (Vocals, Guitar);
Jimmy Johnson , Eddy Clearwater- (Vocals, Guitar);
Junior Wells- (Vocals, Harmonica);
Andrew Odom- (Vocals);
Hubert Sumlin- (Guitar);
Dave Myers- (Bass);
Odie Payne, Jr.- (Drums).
01. One Room Country Shack
02. The Things That I Used To Do
03. Everyday I Have The Blues
04. Driving Wheel
05. Help Me
06. Come On In This House
07. Messin' With The Kid
08. Somebody's Got To Go
09. Everything Gonna Be Allright
10. Got My Mojo Working
11. Hide Away
12. When I Feel Better
13. I Don't Know
14. So Many Roads

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