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John ZORN & Yamataka Eye - Nani Nani 1995

John ZORN & Yamataka Eye - Nani Nani 1995


John Zorn and Yamantaka Eye are definitely twins separated at birth. Their duo album Nani Nani is like one big happy family reunion, where the boys no one understands can finally run off into the sunset, cackling madly. Never before have two musicians been brought together to create such gleeful oddness; a few miracles result. Eye screams and it sounds trance-like and soothing. Zorn throws bits from surf music, film scores, and psychedelia like a kid who tosses candy into a basket, and it all comes out as a whole. The chaos of animals is heard in the background; still, everyone seems to get out alive. Yamantaka Eye is credited for playing the "toys" but in reality both musicians play them. Tracks like "Propolution," while sounding aggressive and harsh, betray an undercurrent of pure pleasure. This album is not for Sunday afternoon relaxation, but its obvious playfulness make its more discordant elements eminently tolerable, even amusing in their cleverness.
By Stacia Proefrock.
NANI NANI was created by avant-garde jazz musician John Zorn (aka Dekoboko Hajime) and vocalist Yamantaka Eye (Boredoms, Naked City, Hanatarashi). If this hasn't scared you off by now, NANI NANI is a fun little experimental work. It's somewhat more muted than other compositions that Zorn and Eye have worked on, but still delightfully moronic and unpredictable. "Test Tube" and "Sticky Beethoven's Pipeline" are great examples of what's in store for you on NANI NANI. The poignant and evocative "My Rainbow Life" is an unheralded gem; do not miss this one. The only low point on the CD is "Bad Hawkwind," which is nothing more than Eye's screams looped over and over, but don't let it stop you from grabbing this whimsical one-on-one collaboration.
By  Daniel R Barnett.
John Zorn- (Alto Saxophone, Piano, Drum Machine, Tabla, Percussion, Bells);
Dekoboko Hajime- (Saxophone, Harmonium, Sitar, Guitar, Samples);
Yamantaka Eye- (Vocals, Drums, Toys).
01. Eepman 1:07
02. Test Tube 3:11
03. Thank You For Not Thinking 2:36
04. Pulp Wars 2:56
05. Sticky Beethoven's Pipeline 1:15
06. Lauhging Eskimo 1:28
07. Damascus 1:11  
08. Yoga Dollar 5:17  
09. Propolution 1:36  
10. My Rainbow Life 1:44
11. Bad Hawkwind 18:12  
12. We Live 0:57


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