Saturday, February 20, 2010

Byther SMITH - Got No Place To Go 2008

Byther SMITH - Got No Place To Go 2008


"Smith sings with conviction throughout, in a gruff baritone, the cracks in his voice only serving to heighten the passion of his delivery."
From Living Blues.
Byther Smith- (Vocals, Guitar);
Roger Perry- (Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards);
Frank "Paris Slim" Goldwasser- (Guitar, Harmonica);
Danny Camarena- (Bass);
Chris Millar- (Drums).
1.I'm A Honey Bee
2.I Had My Fun Aka Goin' Down Slow
3.Monticello Lonely
4.I Know That's Grace!
5.Got No Place To Go
6.Byther Boogie
7.How Much More?
8.35 Long Years
9.Every Woman I Meet
10.Come On In This House
11.Red!! You Let The Dogs Out

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