Friday, February 5, 2010

Darell Mansfield Band - Last Chance Boogie 1998

Darell Mansfield Band - Last Chance Boogie 1998

Darrell is undoubtedly the finest blues harp player currently working in CCM and though no Little Walter or Sonny Boy Williamson displays a drive for blues grit which is both invigorating and satisfying. Not that the rest of his band are slouches. Eric Turner produces some powerful guitar runs pitched somewhere between the raw gutbucket runs of Elmore James and the polished fluidity of T-Bone Burnett. Of course, what sets this album apart from all those mainstream blues albums are lyrics which speak of Jesus and this set is brim full of Darrell’s gritty vocals extolling us to “Tell The Truth” and “Walk With Me Jesus”. Timeless.
By Tony Cummings
Darrell Mansfield- Lead Vocals, Harmonica
Robert Nance- Bass
Eric Turner- Guitar
Mitch Ross- Drums
Jaymes Felix- Background Vocals
James Raymond- Keyboards
01. Hello-Goodbye Boogie   01:19
02. High Water   04:48
03. Dreamin'Schemin   06:19
04. Last Chance Boogie   03:31
05. Revelation Song   04:02
07. Tell The Truth   02:31
08. Walk With Me Jesus   03:31
09. There's Gotta Be A Chance   04:42
10. I'm Ready   03:09
12. Hello - Goodbye Boogie   03:08

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