Saturday, February 13, 2010

Blindside Blues Band - To The Station 1996

Blindside Blues Band - To The Station 1996


For To the Station, Mike Onesko assembled a hard rock soupergroup and set out to record a heavy blues power-trio album. Though much of the album comes across as slick AOR, not gritty downhome blues, there are moments when Onesko's throaty, impassioned vocals kick the record into high gear. During those times, you wonder why he didn't just make a striaght blues-rock album instead of diluting his music in an attempt to broaden his appeal with dated arena rock production.
By Thom Owens, All Music Guide.
01. To the Station
02. I'm Not Your Man
03. Take His Keys
04. Whirlwind
05. Natural Thang
06. Worn Out Shoe
07. Fade Away
08. Get Outta My Way
09. Hurting Me
10. All I Need

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